We step in so you don't have to!
We at Turd Wranglers are committed to a high level of service at affordable prices and guarantee a thorough job.  The waste we collect is processed in the most environmentally friendly ways possible.  Our hassle free price policy means that there are no hidden fees no added taxes - the price we quote is the price you pay.  We strongly believe in the benefits of the Human-Animal Bond and support our seniors, the disabled and those with service dogs by providing these individuals with an additional discount on our services.

We clean up and dispose of the little "presents" your pet deposits in your yard. We also offer a weekly disposal service to take away kitty litter, dog droppings and litter from small caged pets!

If it's wild animals that leave their "calling card" we can remove those droppings from your yard too - call us for a quote!

Disposal Services
We provide a bucket for your convenience. You do the collection and leave it at curbside for us once a week!

Household Dog bucket
(Regardless of the number of dogs as long as the bucket is no more than 3/4 full each week) Service is suspended if there is a significant amount of snow on the ground the day before scheduled service.                   

​Kennel bucket (a larger size)  
Guaranteed weekly service​ (unless the roads are too dangerous due to ice and snow, there is a natural disaster or severe weather warning)
We assume a kennel or Doggy Daycare is scooped daily, many are also under cover or indoors so they are not affected by snow fall.
Bi-Weekly bucket ​                                                 
​​Tiny dog? For toy breeds, the smallest of terriers and the smallest of non-sporting dogs we offer Bi-weekly disposal. If you are not sure if your dog(s) qualify call or email us for more information.

Paper training? We take soiled newspaper too! 

Blue bag it and leave it with your bucket.

Kitty Litter Disposal Service
Cat bucket
1 - 3 cat household
Kitty litter bucket service is only suspended if the roads are dangerous due to ice and snow.

Multi-cat or Cattery litter disposal
Cattery bucket
A bigger bucket than the average household. 
Weekly service​ is only suspended if the roads are dangerous due to ice and snow, natural disaster or severe weather warnings.

​Double-Doody​ Bucket Service 
​One of each Household Dog and Cat buckets less expensive than two separate plans.

Small caged pets? Call us!

Turd Wranglers
weekly "Round Up" service
Hassle free and convenient!

We will visit once per week to thoroughly clean your back yard of dog droppings and take it away. Included in this service is a Turd Wrangler collection bucket to drop your doggie bags into and for those in-between times that you may need to do a tidy up yourself.

​Single dog or multi-dog family we scoop poop of all sizes and quantities

Larger than average city lot? call for quote
Kitty litter disposal added on to "Round Up" service also available.

Litter Pan Service
You provide the materials we will do the dirty work weekly or bi-weekly.  Charged by the litter pan - includes disposal!

Property Managers - We provide corporate services to townhomes and developments, businesses, parks and more!  Contact us for all your needs!

Goose Poop Troubles? - We can look after that too!

Turd Wranglers are a Flexible Breed

​We offer other services to fit your needs including one time only, subscription/equal payment plans, prepaid "lump sum" plans and our "double-doody" pet combination plans.

No contract required for home services.

Temporary, Seasonal, Permanent, Weekly, Bi-weekly, "Lump Sum", equal monthly billing/Subscription, One-time, and Emergency and Corporate Services offered.
Do you have a pet? A dog, a cat or two or perhaps small caged pets?

Wouldn't you love it if you never had to scoop poop out of your back yard again?

Would you like a solution to disposing of your kitty litter or small caged pet's litter?

Would you like to have an affordable ecologically friendly service take over this chore?

Hire a Turd Wrangler today! 

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